VLadimir Butyrkin

Vladimir Butyrkin completed undergraduate research in the Margolis Lab and will continue his studies in a Ph.D. program at the University of Maryland. During his time in the lab, he achieved 1.5+ years of experience working in behavioral neuroscience (mice models) and molecular biology (cell cultures) in addition to his previous 6+ years of overall experience in research on autism spectrum disorders studying behavioral, social, and cognitive psychology as well as how basic biological mechanisms underly behavioral processes and cognition. As a developer of inclusive practices and social inclusion communities, he spent several years working and volunteering in remote undeveloped areas of Kazakhstan and Georgia. He maintains great interest in Cognitive Neuroscience, prenatal and early brain development, and in how maternal care influences gene expression of the offspring. His work in the lab focused on expanding his experience in basic research and included working on multiple projects including studying how pupil dynamics are affected in a transgenic mouse line.